The main intent behind the design is to provide high quality retirement living that provides a positive contribution to  the current and future precinct developments as guided by the Lutwyche Road corridor neighborhood plan.

The development consists of 60 units in 5 different types.

Design intensions were to create :

  • Spacious internal units for retirement living with plenty of natural lighting and ventilation.
  • High quality residential communal areas.
  • A building that integrates with the scale of the surrounding urban context.
  • A unique architectural feature appropriate at both an urban and street scale.

The following strategies are adopted to achieve the design intentions above :

  • Break down the building into several massing compositions in response to internal function requirements, the local urban context and climatic conditions.
  • Articulate and enhance the massing composition with legible but playful architectural vocabulary to create a unique architectural feature.
  • Utilize weather protection and shading devices combined with different materials, colour tones and textures to provide visual richness to the building’s overall appearance.

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