Driftwood Multi Unit Apartments, Blacks Beach, Mackay

Driftwood Apartments is a 6 building 129 apartment subtropical resort  style residential complex on an absolute beachfront site. Stage 1 contains 69 apartments in 3 buildings ranging in height from 4 to 5 storeys.

The creative urban planning and architectural design outcome convinced the council to approve a significant increase in height & density amongst the domestic context of the surrounding precinct.

The design value AG Architects brought to the project was to come up with a cost effective solution that maximised the view opportunities from all apartments towards the pristine ocean front.

The innovative above ground car parking arrangement proved to be advantageous for many reasons: it avoided the necessity for costly basement excavation; it sped up the construction process; and,it  allowed the retention of existing mature sub tropical vegetation that will become a significant feature of the projects landscaping identity.

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