The urbane and contemporary architectural aesthetic was inspired by the location of the site,its attributes,opportunities,constraints and the contextual relationship with the surrounding precinct. The building form consists of podium and tower and contains a total of 80 apartments over 20 stories. The horizontal expression of the podium with a striking colourful abstract graphic is a counterpoint and anchor to the strong verticality of the monotone tower. Robustly articulated facades envelope the orthogonal floor plate in response to the hard edges of the adjoining built environment. Structural projections and recesses create strong articulation further modulated with contrasts of light and dark greyscale toning. Exclusive outdoor recreation areas located on the podium (gym and pool) and roof top (BBQ,outdoor dining and lounge areas) provide opportunity for the residents to have choices of active physical & passive social relaxation whilst enjoying  Brisbane’s subtropical climate and spectacular views of the city and mountains

160310 - Aura Milton - V01 - Exterior - Final 5000160315 - Aura Milton - V09 - 2 Bed Kitchen - Final 5000_v2160225 - Aura Milton - V10 - 2 Bed Bathroom Final 5000160317 - Aura Milton - V06 - Living - R02 -5000

Aura Milton Milton, Brisbane