We care about
your project.

AG Architects has worked extensively with
successful and practical developers. This
has provided us with the experience to be
flexible and adaptable to meet the reality of
market forces.

We are able to transform a development
concept and brief into a commercially
realistic outcome.

We have a balance between creative and
practical in house skills which delivers high
quality aesthetic design solutions founded
in common sense practical principles.

We have the resource capacity to produce
on time, everytime.


Photo of Adam Garton
Adam Garton

Adam has been practicing
architecture for over 28 years
and started AG Architects in
2007. The business has thrived
on adherence to 3 principles:

  • maintaining absolute integrity
  • applying common sense
  • putting in sheer hard work

He works closely with the client
to form a project strategy and
evaluate various options to select
the most appropriate built form
in terms of feasibility, practicality,
marketability and amenity.
He is a hands on director
and remains responsible for
delivery of all office projects.

Photo of Peter Ong
Peter Ong

Peter produces innovative and
creative design solutions. He
has an excellent knowledge
of architecture and building
design, and an ability to combine
the key design elements of
aesthetics, proportion, form,
mass, scale and rhythm.

Peter has a special interest
in sustainable design.
He has worked on many project
types including executive
residences, mixed use, medium
density, commercial and multiunit
residential apartments.

Photo of Neville Stone
Neville Stone

During the past 20 years Neville has gained a wealth of experience working harmoniously with clients and project stakeholders to complete numerous residential, multi residential, aviation, hospitality and commercial projects in South East Queensland, New South Wales and PNG.

Neville possesses the skills and technical knowledge to deliver projects from initial concept through to occupation, satisfying client expectations and investments.

Photo of Giuseppe Mangini
Giuseppe Mangini

Giuseppe has a broad range of project based skills specialising in documentation, detailing, consultant co-ordination and contract administration through his involvement in a diverse portfolio of projects types comprising multi-unit residential apartments, hotels, schools, industrial warehouses, commercial & retail buildings.

He is adept at managing and developing projects from sketch design through to construction documentation, and provides a concise and systemic approach that ensures efficient delivery of the architectural service.

Photo of Aboni Mahbub
Aboni Mahbub
Photo of Joanna Kane
Joanna Kane
Photo of Robert Harris
Robert Harris
Photo of Christopher Hilton
Christopher Hilton
Photo of Jessica Moura
Jessica Moura